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Study and live in Japan. Full Scholarships for High School Students.

The Asia-Kakehashi Project + (Plus) 2023 invites students from the UK to study and live in Japan for 4 months. All expenses will be fully covered by the Japanese government including travel tickets, accommodation, and school tuition.

If you’re a UK citizen between 15 and 18 years old, this exciting opportunity is open to you!

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How can I volunteer abroad with AFS?

You’ve explored AFS' volunteer abroad programmes online or met us in person. Now you are ready to apply! Here's what to expect on your intercultural journey with AFS:

Find a programme and start applying

Once you’ve found the volunteer programme for you, hit apply and the AFS hosting organisation will get in touch directly.


You’ve been selected!

Not everyone becomes an AFS participant. We will do our best to match you with the right experience and ensure you are ready for an international volunteering programme. Now the fun begins!


Commence your learning

Before you depart you will be enrolled in our ground breaking Global Competence Certificate. A chance to prepare for the incredible journey ahead.


Jump on plane or train and meet the world

The team on the ground look forward to making your AFS experience an intercultural learning adventure you’ll never forget.


how to get your parents to say yes!

About AFS

AFS is a leading study abroad program for secondary school students, supported and facilitated by trained staff and volunteers. Since 1947, AFS has prepared over 500,000 young people to gain the practical skills and knowledge valued by universities and employers—and needed to succeed in a global world. 

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My volunteer abroad programme with AFS "Helped me get my first job!"

“This experience changed my life forever. It forces you to adjust, to put things in perspective, to become independent, patient, grateful, and gives you an open-mind. My experience made me who I am today, helped me to get my first job in Belgium, introduced me to my best friends, convinced me even more that volunteer work is enriching and gave me long life memories.”

— Saskia De Jonghe

The Global Competence Certificate


This state-of-the-art Global Competence Certificate (GCC) program prepares you to successfully navigate new cultural environments—during your experience and long after you finish the program. Online intercultural learning modules combined with in-person sessions help you develop practical and global skills, knowledge and attitudes that employers need and mission-driven organizations believe will help achieve their social impact goals.

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Volunteering abroad with AFS can help prepare for the global workforce

“Getting away from your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries is what this is all about. In that process you discover a part of yourself you did not know. After 8 months I feel a confidence I have never felt before. I feel ready to enter the job market and to make something out of my life. I want to encourage other young people to take the step to go abroad. You will come back with happy memories, crazy stories and loads of confidence.”

— Marjolein Dieltiens

A global perspective and a valued competitive edge

Stand out from your peers by adding “global” to your personal and professional identity. Stimulating AFS experiences provide young adults with a clear advantage in many ways and every profession—at home and around the world. That’s because living, studying, working and volunteering abroad helps you become more confident in unfamiliar settings, while sharpening practical cross-cultural skills valued in many universities, NGOs and workplaces.

AFS adult participants are supported by a Global Competence Certificate program that will help you better navigate your international experience and prepare you for a lifetime of cross-cultural encounters.

Open up your world to new possibilities

AFS intercultural adventures transform your life forever! We call it the #AFSeffect

Become global

Live with a new family in another country. Enjoy different traditions. Take time to appreciate, value and deepen your insights about other perspectives, cultures, religions and important world issues.


Become change

Open your mind to a new way to view the world and help others see the world the way you experience it. Build bridges across cultures by creating friendships that will last a lifetime.


Become fluent

Go to a new school, learn a new language and find ways to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds–skills that you’ll take back home and use for a lifetime.


Become yourself

Discover new things about yourself and your place in the world. Learn how to turn challenging situations into valuable opportunities to grow and become more mature.

The next generation of outstanding AFS programs.

Trusted organization. Proven track record.  Lifelong connections.

Born from AFS values, adult programs are organized by a network of well-respected AFS and other organizations. We help adults find the right international program to achieve your personal and professional goals. Benefit from an international community of friends, qualified staff and passionate volunteers ready to help you achieve your dreams.


Contributing to a Global Agenda!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

AFS is committed to impacting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is possible not only though AFS’s programming for under 18s, but also through the international AFS volunteer abroad programs working with strong locally led initiatives you can find here.

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