Denmark consists of a peninsula and 400+ islands in the North Sea. A bridge between Scandinavia and continental Europe, this friendly northern country is a confluence of modern, cosmopolitan cities; simple, historic architecture influenced by Nordic tradition, and fairytale villages with town markets, country churches, and castles. The flat country, with moors, lakes, farmlands, and woodlands, and traffic-free pedestrian streets are ideal for riding bicycles or chatting with friends at a cafe. Danes value their personal space and love to be cozy and comfortable—following the concept of hygge.

Weekends for teens are often mean parties, hanging out at cafes, and the cinema. Although soccer is most popular, don’t miss out on swimming, sailing or rowing since you’ll be an hour away from the seashore.

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Accommodation & Community

As an AFS participant you can live anywhere in Denmark, however, you will most likely be in a rural or suburban area. Danish towns are close together and you can comfortably rely on the public transportation system.

Families in Denmark are very close and most prefer to cook dinner at home together every night.

If you are a folk college student you will live at the folk college but you will have a contact family whom you can visit and in that way be part of a family in Denmark. If you work as a volunteer, you will either live in a host family or at your host project.


The main language spoken is Danish, while Faroese, Greenlandic and German are also recognized as official languages regionally. Danish people tend to be quite proficient in English.


Danish food includes a wide variety of meats and vegetables. Danish lunch is a traditional open-faced sandwich, called smorrebrod. Dinner is usually the main meal and typically a time for the whole family to gather and talk about their days. Danish people enjoy pickled herring and salted black licorice.

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