A land with a passion for tango and soccer and unique landscapes. Dance to the beat of candombe or the murga and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Argentina is a great place for a volunteer abroad experience and to improve your Spanish skills. Discover the country’s sophisticated and lively cities, first-rate museums, music, theatre and magnificent café scene.

Our volunteer programs focus on community development and educational support allowing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local cultures, while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the option to live with a host family, you can experience Buenos Aires like a local.

The team at AFS Argentina are looking forward to discussing the programmes with you and can be called or Whatsapp’d on +54 911 6858 9131 between 12pm and 8pm.

Alternatively enquire now and we’ll call you back.

People & Community

Argentina is filled with diverse landscapes such as plains, forests, deserts, mountains and thousands of kilometres of ocean shoreline. Argentine culture is a blend of European customs and Latin American and indigenous traditions. Because of the cultural and ethnic diversity of Argentina, an impressive arts, crafts, and music scene exists. Discover the first-class museums, cinemas, theatres and the magnificent café scene.

Community is important in Argentina and you can experience an active social scene: e.g. getting together at friends’ houses or in the central town square, going out to eat, seeing a movie, dance or just hanging out in the local café. 

Host Family & Community

Parents and children tend to have an open relationship in which they discuss their opinions and plans, and the parents usually have the final say. Don’t miss out on the family dinners and the opportunity to improve your Spanish while chatting about the events of the day. 


Volunteering in Argentina can be an incredible life changing experience. Prepare to immerse yourself in development projects and work to support local communities in Buenos Aires.

As a volunteer, you can improve your language skills and become immersed in Argentinian culture in a significant way.


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Spanish is the official language of Argentina, and many people also speak English, Italian, German, French or Portuguese. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish will be an asset, although you don’t have to know or speak it to participate in the program. You will be encouraged to participate in language lessons, and AFS local volunteers may help arrange independent language study for you during the first months.


Beef is the staple of the cuisine, and it can be found in dishes like parillada (featuring different cuts of beef) or milanesas (breaded fried cutlet), the chivito and empanadas that also reveal the strong influence of Italian cooking styles. Unlike other Latin American cuisine, food is not spicy in this country. Argentines are also known for their love of drinking mate, the local green tea, which is often a social occasion.

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Let AFS guide your intercultural adventure

Go abroad with AFS to discover who you really are, make new lifetime friendships and immerse yourself in a fascinating intercultural experience.
The Global Competence Certificate

The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) program will support your intercultural learning experience. This state-of-the-art program prepares you to successfully navigate new cultural environments—during your experience and long after you finish the program. Online intercultural learning modules combined with in-person sessions help you develop practical and global skills, knowledge and attitudes that employers need and mission-driven organizations believe will help achieve their social impact goals. You will receive your certification upon completion of the training program.

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